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May 23rd, 2018

by Justin Kroll for Variety

Jay Ryan has been cast as the adult version of Ben in New Line’s “It: Chapter Two,” sources confirmed to Variety.

He joins Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader, who play Beverly, Bill, and Richie, respectively, in the sequel. Bill Skarsgard is also set to return as Pennywise. James Ransone and Andy Bean have also recently joined the cast.

Director Andy Muschietti is back to helm the new installment, with Gary Dauberman penning the script. The sequel will bow on Sept. 6, 2019, with production expected to start this summer.

“Chapter One” of “It” followed the first half of Stephen King’s eponymous novel, telling the story of a group of children who are terrorized by Pennywise the clown and forced to face their own demons to defeat him. “Chapter Two” will follow the second half of the novel, when the characters return to their hometown years later as adults to take on Pennywise once again.

The first film was a massive hit, grossing $700 million worldwide, including $327 million domestically.

Ryan can be seen on the eOne/Hulu rights-to-die drama series “Mary Kills People,” which had its second season premiere this month. Ryan is repped by United Talent Agency, Management 360, and Ziffren Brittenham. His Australian agent is Independent Artists.

Deadline Hollywood first reported the news.

August 24th, 2017

Unlike most actors, Jay Ryan has no problem with lines and wrinkles.

“Ageing has done me good,” says the 35-year-old Kiwi, who first found fame playing Neighbours’ Jack Scully 15 years ago.

“I always had a very baby face and I’ve been waiting for the lines to settle in a little bit and now they finally are and people are seeing me for much more grittier roles.

“Being an actor is tough. You take what you are offered. You can’t be too picky in the early days but finally I’ve got my chops up and people have seen me in a different light.

“A lot of that has to do with Jane (Campion) casting me in Top Of The Lake. That was a real page-turner for me in my career. It got me in front of certain people who I really wanted to work with.”

Three years in Neighbours and roles in Being Eve, Go Girls, Sea Patrol and Offspring led to Ryan’s US breakthrough as Vincent Keller in four seasons of the big-budget glossy prime-time series Beauty And The Beast.

His new series, Mary Kills People, a black comedy about the controversial practice of euthanasia, is something very different.

It follows Dr Mary Harris (Caroline Dhavernas from Off The Map and Hannibal) who works at the emergency department of the Eden General Hospital and has a side business as an end-of-life counsellor. Ryan is Ben Wesley, a cop who pretends to be terminally ill, in an attempt to bring her – and her plastic surgeon partner Des (Covert Affairs’ Richard Short) – to justice.

Ryan says the six-part series – which has already screened in the US and Canada (where it is filmed) – has polarised viewers and promoted vigorous debate on social media.

“A lot of people thought Mary was a downright serial killer, posing as a doctor, but many people believe in the subject, mainly people that have had their own personal experiences with terminally-ill loved ones,” he says, from Australia, as he prepares to return to Canada to film the second season.

“I know a lot of my mates who I’ve shown it to over here told me stories about their experiences with their loved ones,” he says.

“One said before her mother was sick she didn’t believe in euthanasia. She thought it was interfering with natural ways. But, after her mother’s illness and what she went through, and what the whole family went through, she had a different view on the subject. She saw Mary Kills People and was filled with praise.”

Ryan says he welcomed a chance to be part of such a groundbreaking series, which is written by Tara Armstrong, a recent graduate of the Canadian Film Centre.

“She wrote the pilot as part of her graduation piece and it was pretty much shopped around straight away. It was picked up and within six months was in production which is an unheard of in the business,” he says.

“Beauty And The Beast is very formulaic television which is written by many different writers so I wanted to start working again with a creator who had the reins over their project.

“I’d done that with Jane Campion in Top Of The Lake and then gone on to Beauty And The Beast – very chalk and cheese type of projects – so I wanted to get back into the zone again. I was looking but funnily enough they came to me because they had seen Top Of The Lake and liked my character.

“They wanted a little bit of the essence of that in their project, so I met with them and we got on really well and it went from there.”

Ryan is looking forward to learning more about Detective Ben Wesley in season two.

“It wasn’t wrapped up in the six episodes about who exactly he was and I was never sure if I was going to get to play him again. We wanted to play that ambiguity in him. I like that about him, that you never knew who he really was and there wasn’t a lot to say who he was or who he used be.”

Source: Stuff NZ

June 20th, 2017

Mary Kills People is an unlikely name for a show but, at the very least, there can be no confusion around what it’s about.

A woman called Mary kills people, and a New Zealand man called Jay Ryan plays one of her voluntary victims, in what’s being hailed at one of 2017’s best breakout series.

Kiwi fans will know Jay Ryan from comedy series Go Girls or Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake, but since he left here in 2012 to pursue acting in the US, he’s starred in a long-running and hugely successful teen sci-fi series on one of the biggest networks in the world.

Now however, he’s sinking his teeth into something a bit more substantial, like the topic of euthanasia.

It’s certainly timely. When Mary Kills started filming in Toronto last year, euthanasia had recently been legalised in Canada. And here in New Zealand, Act Party leader David Seymour’s voluntary euthanasia bill was pulled from the ballot just last week.

And, Jay Ryan adds: “The judge [Neil Gorsuch] that Trump’s just brought in [to the US Supreme Court] is the kind of frontrunner against euthanasia. So it’s an interesting time for this show to come out, I think.

“On top of that it is a really intriguing, entertaining watch,” he says.

The six-part mini-series has a 100 per cent rating on review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes with the Washington Post’s reviewer saying “it had me hooked until the end” and Variety calling it “one of the most impressive debuts of the year”, plus it’s officially been signed for a second season.

For a dark comedy about assisted suicide, this was a surprise.

“We thought, ‘how is this going to be perceived? It could be quite polarising’. But it has that dark comedic tone throughout, which makes it easier to digest … that was one of the things that was lauded most by the critics … the way the tone shifts so it’s not a depressing watch, it’s actually quite thrilling,” Ryan says.

That, he says, and it leaves room for viewers to make their own minds up on the issue “without shoving it down their throats”.

Mary Kills is the brainchild of Tara Armstrong, who wrote the pilot episode while studying at the Canadian Film Centre and it was picked up as soon as she finished there.

Ryan credits that, combined with the fact that the show’s director – Holly Dale – and most of its writers and creative team are women, as what gives the show its “fresh tone”.

“People are talking about [having more women in the lead] in the industry like, ‘Yes this is what we should be doing’, but this is actually one of the projects that has managed to pull it off and create something amazing, and successful and fresh,” Ryan says.

The Mary Kills team approached Ryan for the part of Ben Wesley, based on his performance in Top of the Lake and, having spent the past four years playing a modernised “beast” in the CW’s Beauty and the Beast, Ryan jumped at the chance.

“I was looking for something very different to sink my teeth into – something a bit more solid … something a bit more grounded in reality and maybe with a bigger purpose than just entertaining people,” he says.

Although Ryan says he learned a lot, got his foot in the door and built a strong fan base, the gruelling filming schedule, publicity requirements and questionable writing tipped the balance.

“You never know what the ending is,” he says. “You never know what’s around the corner, whereas with things like Mary Kills … you can see the overall story arc straight away so there’s no sudden surprises and everyone knows from day one what you’re actually making.

“I feel like I’ve done my dash. Now I’m much more interested in working with creators who have that hands-on approach to crafting a story, as opposed to a big team of hired writers who are just there to spit scripts out on a deadline.”

That is why Ryan’s next project is another six-part series, this one called Fighting Season, about the effects of the Afghanistan war on its Kiwi and Australian soldiers.

“It’s a really strong project. It’s quite confronting but it’s also another piece that’s going to start a conversation.”

It’s obvious that after five years in the States, Ryan is finally where he set out to reach when he left for Hollywood, so congratulations seem in order.

“I’m glad you’ve got something solid to sink your teeth into,” I say.

He laughs: “Yeah, me too.”

Source: NZ Herald

June 11th, 2015

March 10th, 2014

About last night…

VinCat fans, prepare to freak out as Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) are having that very awkward talk in tonight’s episode of Beauty and the Beast. Because they had sex, but was it of the breakup variety?!

It seems the CW hit’s fan favorite pairing are not seeing eye-to-eye about the night they spent together, as Vincent and Catherine have quite the heated argument over the phone in our exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s spring finale, “About Last Night.”

Fair warning, VinCat fans: the G-word (Gabe, obviously) comes up.

While Vincent thinks the pair “are meant to be together,” Catherine calls their night of passion “a mistake” and “breakup sex.”

She then brings Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy), the other point in BATB’s love triangle, into the conversation. So how does Vincent react? Watch our exclusive sneak peek above to find out!

And Beasties, make sure to vote for your favorite show in the final round of our Save One Show tournament. BATB has been in the lead throughout the entire tournament, so it’s time to bring the win home.


February 26th, 2013

(Source: tvfanatic.com)

Beauty and the Beast finally returns from an extended hiatus with tonight’s “Seeing Red,” and be warned, Cat and Vincent shippers: the episode will throw a lot of complications at these main characters and their chances at love.

So who better than star Jay Ryan to fill us in on what’s to come, starting with Vincent’s reaction when he meets back up with the girlfriend he left behind? What will be that fallout? How much a threat will Evan be moving forward? What is going to happen once his body finishes mutating?

Read on for excerpts from our exclusive chat with the Beauty and the Beast actor…


TV Fanatic: How does Vincent’s former girlfriend Alex complicate things this week?
Jay Ryan: Vincent goes to the hospital to see if Catherine is okay and he has to reveal to her, which is very difficult for him, that it wasn’t him, that so-called doctor, that saved her life, it was actually Evan. And when he’s leaving he is spotted by Alex, who is Vincent’s ex-fiancée.

And I guess that’s one of Vincent’s biggest fears is, what would he do when he’s kind of spotted or confronted by someone who’s very close to him that he had to say goodbye to or reveal that he’s still alive? So he makes the decision to let Alex know that he is in fact alive.

TVF: Does Vincent do that with Alex out of guilt because he feels bad that he’s kind of just disappeared, for her?
JR: Yeah. All of this stuff comes flooding back to him at a point when he left Alex when he was in this terrible state. His brother had just passed away and he became heavily addicted to medicating himself to try to get through his dark time. And she was the one that kind of pulled him out of that, and in doing so he then had to go and fight for his country. He left Alex without even saying goodbye. He basically packed up his bags in complete shame and went into the military. So the first thing he wants to do is make right for that.

TVF: What’s his dynamic with Alex? Is it very loving? Will the viewer likes her?
JR: Absolutely. They’re kind of school sweethearts and all of that comes flooding back to them once Alex gets over this shock of this ghost of Vincent Keller coming into her life. So Vincent basically wants to make up, and Alex very much heavily jumps back into wanting to be with Vincent and wanting to help him, which is her instinct and has been all along.

TVF: So we get a nice little juicy love triangle, right?
JR: I guess so, yeah. I guess Vincent is more angled at making Alex keep her sanity and making sure she’s okay now that she knows that he’s alive…but from Catherine’s point of view it looks like Vincent’s gone off and taken the next best thing. It’s kind of an intense love triangle.

TVF: Is Alex somebody that the viewers should trust, or could there be something more to her that we’re not seeing in the beginning?
JR: I think she’s definitely someone to trust. I mean, Vincent spent 10 to 15 years with this woman, and she is of a good heart. I think more so that love can blind someone completely to the world around them, and if that’s a dangerous world then things can get tricky. And she may create this recklessness in Vincent that we haven’t seen before, which makes Catherine’s world a lot harder. I don’t think [Alex is] someone that’s going to really lure Vincent into Muirfield’s lair or anything, at this point. Once she really sees who Vincent has become, then she could definitely change.

TVF: Do we see any flashbacks of Vincent and Alex back in their happier days?
JR: They talk about their past a lot, just kind of healing to the both of them. And we do see images of them growing up together, and that’s the beginning of their love. There’s this great moment when Alex is in danger and Vincent goes over to her home and he’s sort of confronted with all of these images. He thought of his family and friends, and them growing up, before he went into the military. So there’s all these things that are a little bit too close to home for Vincent.

TVF: Is Evan going to become an even bigger threat for Vincent?
JR: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I’ve always considered that Evan is the biggest threat to Vincent because he holds, also, a key to Catherine’s heart. But he is the medical investigator and he’s very much into finding out what this cross-species DNA is doing all over New York City. So as soon as he ever concludes that Catherine is somehow connected to this vigilante that they’re after, Vincent’s kind of done for because there’s this emotional package that’s attached to it.

TVF: Where is Vincent and JT’s relationship headed since it has been challenged in recent episodes?
JR: I think JT feels like he has more control over protecting Vincent himself when he’s working with him because not only is he discovering things about his best mate in terms of what his body is doing and how this beast may be adapting or growing inside of him. But he’s also putting the scent off them tracking him down, because he can misplace information and evidence that will lead them somewhere else.

But in doing this research, which is kind of JT’s forte, he discovers that Vincent’s DNA is actually starting to mutate at a great pace and there’s really side-effects that Vincent has sort of been encountering but just sort of blowing it off as stress or tiredness…but as we progress we find that these mutations are actually just basically growing pains of these super soldiers, and Vincent actually ends up with, I guess, an extra superpower which he’ll use to his advantage.

February 1st, 2013

(Source: hollywood.com)

If you were hoping that last week’s introduction to Vincent’s ex-fiancé Alex was the last we were going to see of her on The CW’s Beauty and the Beast, prepare to be disappointed — Alex (Bridget Regan) isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, she’s actually going to get a lot closer to Vincent (Jay Ryan)… much to Catherine’s chagrin.

On tonight’s BATB, “On Thin Ice,” Vincent’s identity is threatened just as he is torn between his new feelings for Cat (Kristin Kreuk) — who remains off duty while she recovers from being shot — and his old memories with Alex. Meanwhile, now that he’s working with Evan on cross-species DNA research, J.T. (Austin Basis) learns that Evan is planning to propose a task force to catch the beast, and must figure out a covert way to sabotage Evan’s findings and stop the manhunt for his best friend.

Hollywood.com spoke with Ryan about tonight’s episode. Check out all the spoilery intel we could get below:

Hollywood.com: So Alex still doesn’t know the reason why Vincent is in hiding. Is Vincent going to tell her the truth?
Ryan: He has to stand up as a man and finally take charge and explain to this woman what happened — where he went wrong, why he never contacted her for so long, why she thought he was dead… all these unanswered questions. Vincent’s very worried about how she’s going to react. Once he tells her the truth of what he has become, she then becomes a target for his greatest enemy, Muirfield. And Alex pulls him in and reminds him of the love that they had. Whatever the secret is that he’s holding, that doesn’t matter. They can rekindle what they had.

How is that going to affect Vincent’s relationships with Cat and J.T.?
At this time, the two closest people in his life, Catherine and J.T., have almost taken sides with him in a way. Evan’s brought J.T. on to research this cross-species DNA creature, and Evan’s definitely going in for Catherine’s affections. So these two people start to have to lie. That’s the one thing that [Vincent] hates, [because] of how he lived with his ex-fiancé. So there’s this whole thing with lying and Vincent having to start coming forward with the truth.

Before we discuss J.T. and Evan’s situation, let’s talk a little more about Vincent and Alex. Is he going to rekindle his relationship with her?
I think he does get swept up in the fantasy that he can live a life with this woman who only knows him as the Vincent before he was turned into this creature. At this point in time he feels he has this beast under control, through Catherine’s help. He believes that he can live a life and take off with Alex, possibly, and leave the people in his life again like he did with Alex! But he thinks that that’s a good thing, no longer having to lie about his identity. So he does get swept up in this false sense of romance. But Catherine is the voice of reason. It’s very difficult for her because she not only is his protector but now she’s his lover, and now he’s trying to take off with this woman who’s his ex-fiancé. That is out of the blue.

Poor Cat. Now let’s get to the unique situation in which Evan has put J.T. Why does J.T. agree to help Evan?
When [Evan] brings JT into the picture to help do research on this DNA, that’s his forte and he loves doing that stuff, but at the same time he’s helping to hunt down his friend. But it also gives him access to resources that he doesn’t have. So he starts to monitor Vincent’s body and his DNA and discovers that at this time it’s mutating very rapidly. And it’s creating all these side effects on Vincent that Vincent has put away as stress. We start to discover how this beast is going to become more volatile and unpredictable to Vincent himself.

How did Evan even know to go to J.T.?
Evan discovers this paper that J.T. wrote eight or nine years ago when he was studying cross species DNA. It’s been pushed aside because it was done by a student and no one believed it, but it’s very much in line with what Evan is trying to discover about this creature. So he tracks J.T. down and he puts it to him that he wants to work with him in finding this creature and J.T. doesn’t really have a choice. So he goes to work, and in doing so, he has a more protective quality for his best mate by rearranging evidence and DNA samples. So hopefully they stay off Vincent’s tail!

J.T. and Vincent’s bromance has always been a compelling aspect of the show. Are we going to see any flashbacks to when they were friends before Vincent’s experiments?
Between J.T. and Vincent? I would love to. There are moments that the script writers play on now, especially when Alex arrives on the scene, where they talk about the past, before the experiments. But yeah, I would like to see more of that, possibly in flashbacks, to start to arrive in the scripts.

Anything you can tease about how the manhunt for Vincent picks up the pace?
There’s a moment where Vincent is in a position where he has to save the life of Catherine’s sister. And in doing so, it forces the beast to accidentally kill someone that was in the way of saving Heather’s life. And that person is very close to one of our series regulars. So it ramps up the witch-hunt on Vincent.

Source: hollywood.com

January 25th, 2013

(Source: metro.co.uk)

Jay Ryan says he worked hard to prep his body for Beauty And The Beast

Actor Jay Ryan talks to Metro about going from Neighbours pretty boy to Beauty And The Beast.

If you’ve seen Beauty And The Beast, then you’ll know this new TV imagining is a long way from magic castles and singing teacups. ‘I got my ass down to the gym,’ says former Neighbours star Jay Ryan on prepping to play the very 21st-century Beast, victim of a military experiment gone wrong.

‘Since his beastly qualities are manifested from cross-species DNA, I went to town on creating physical traits that come from some of the fiercest animals on the planet.’
When he’s not throwing his toys out of the pram, he’s the conveniently good-looking Vincent, an ex-soldier trying to re-integrate into civilian life. ‘I looked into stories from veterans returning home,’ adds Ryan. ‘How it felt to immerse themselves back into society and the mental and social challenges they can face.’

Happily, there’s Beauty (Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk) as, for all the conspiracy theory shenanigans, thematically Beauty And The Beast is still a love story at heart.
‘It’s an epic romance set in a modern, high stakes New York City,’ says Ryan. ‘He is a man struggling to suppress this creature within him – which luckily for me means I’m only in the full Beast prosthetic make-up a couple of times a week.’

Until now, New Zealand-born Ryan has worked mainly in his native country and in Australia, including a three-year stint as Neighbours womaniser Jack Scully from 2002. Now that he’s on a glossy US production, does he feel all Hollywood? ‘Surprisingly not,’ he says. ‘It’s filmed in Toronto, and the crews in Canada have the same work ethic and way about them as back in Oz. I guess the only difference is the amount of producers you have on a US show. There are a lot. Every little detail of the production has to be approved by each and every one, so costume fittings and make-up tests can take a lot longer than they do back home – and, unfortunately, they are my least favourite part of this kind of work.

‘I guess I did get to tick a big one off the bucket list, though, and that was being on a giant billboard smack-bang in the hub of Hollywood Boulevard. That was… well, pretty Hollywood.’
Next up you’ll see Ryan in BBC drama Top Of The Lake, co-starring Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss and directed by former Oscar nominee Jane ‘The Piano’ Campion.

‘Working with Jane in our native New Zealand, with a smorgasbord of some of the film world’s top talent, pretty much ticked all the boxes for me,’ he enthuses, before revealing his most exciting project of all. ‘Later this year I am to become a father. Perhaps that’s my biggest challenge yet…’

Beauty And The Beast is on Wednesdays at 9pm on Watch.

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