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January 24th, 2013

It’s been more than a month since that doozy of a cliffhanger on The CW’s Beauty and the Beast, and when the show returns from its holiday hiatus on Thursday, Jan. 24, don’t expect the drama to settle down. In fact, when Jay Ryan talked to Hollywood.com about tonight’s midseason premiere, “Seeing Red,” he couldn’t stress enough about how high the stakes have been raised.

After Catherine’s (Kristin Kreuk) car crash/shootout at the end of the midseason finale, we saw Vincent, in beast mode, holding an unconscious Catherine while Evan and Heather arrived on the scene. How did the beast get out of that situation with his secret identity in tact? And how will our favorite star-crossed lovers cope when Vincent’s former fiancée Alex (guest star Bridget Regan) discovers he is alive when he visits Cat in the hospital? Meanwhile, J.T. (Austin Basis) gets a surprising visitor asking about old research he did on mutant DNA, complicating his bromance with Vincent.


Before you watch tonight’s episode, read up on all the spoilery tidbits Ryan revealed about the complicated “love square” between the major characters, the consequences of Vincent’s past catching up with him, and the focus of the rest of the season.

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January 24th, 2013

Jay spoke with Jim Halterman of  TV Fanatics giving his review of the upcoming episode “Seeing Red”.  It’s interesting to learn more about the history on Vincent and Alex.

Beauty and the Beast finally returns from an extended hiatus with tonight’s “Seeing Red,” and be warned, Cat and Vincent shippers: the episode will throw a lot of complications at these main characters and their chances at love.

So who better than star Jay Ryan to fill us in on what’s to come, starting with Vincent’s reaction when he meets back up with the girlfriend he left behind? What will be that fallout? How much a threat will Evan be moving forward? What is going to happen once his body finishes mutating?

TV Fanatic: How does Vincent’s former girlfriend Alex complicate things this week?
Jay Ryan: Vincent goes to the hospital to see if Catherine is okay and he has to reveal to her, which is very difficult for him, that it wasn’t him, that so-called doctor, that saved her life, it was actually Evan. And when he’s leaving he is spotted by Alex, who is Vincent’s ex-fiancée.

And I guess that’s one of Vincent’s biggest fears is, what would he do when he’s kind of spotted or confronted by someone who’s very close to him that he had to say goodbye to or reveal that he’s still alive? So he makes the decision to let Alex know that he is in fact alive.

TVF: Does Vincent do that with Alex out of guilt because he feels bad that he’s kind of just disappeared, for her?
JR: Yeah. All of this stuff comes flooding back to him at a point when he left Alex when he was in this terrible state. His brother had just passed away and he became heavily addicted to medicating himself to try to get through his dark time. And she was the one that kind of pulled him out of that, and in doing so he then had to go and fight for his country. He left Alex without even saying goodbye. He basically packed up his bags in complete shame and went into the military. So the first thing he wants to do is make right for that.

TVF: What’s his dynamic with Alex? Is it very loving? Will the viewer likes her?
JR: Absolutely. They’re kind of school sweethearts and all of that comes flooding back to them once Alex gets over this shock of this ghost of Vincent Keller coming into her life. So Vincent basically wants to make up, and Alex very much heavily jumps back into wanting to be with Vincent and wanting to help him, which is her instinct and has been all along.

TVF: So we get a nice little juicy love triangle, right? 
JR: I guess so, yeah. I guess Vincent is more angled at making Alex keep her sanity and making sure she’s okay now that she knows that he’s alive…but from Catherine’s point of view it looks like Vincent’s gone off and taken the next best thing. It’s kind of an intense love triangle.

TVF: Is Alex somebody that the viewers should trust, or could there be something more to her that we’re not seeing in the beginning?
JR: I think she’s definitely someone to trust. I mean, Vincent spent 10 to 15 years with this woman, and she is of a good heart. I think more so that love can blind someone completely to the world around them, and if that’s a dangerous world then things can get tricky. And she may create this recklessness in Vincent that we haven’t seen before, which makes Catherine’s world a lot harder. I don’t think [Alex is] someone that’s going to really lure Vincent into Muirfield’s lair or anything, at this point. Once she really sees who Vincent has become, then she could definitely change.

TVF: Do we see any flashbacks of Vincent and Alex back in their happier days?
JR: They talk about their past a lot, just kind of healing to the both of them. And we do see images of them growing up together, and that’s the beginning of their love. There’s this great moment when Alex is in danger and Vincent goes over to her home and he’s sort of confronted with all of these images. He thought of his family and friends, and them growing up, before he went into the military. So there’s all these things that are a little bit too close to home for Vincent.

TVF: Is Evan going to become an even bigger threat for Vincent?
JR: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I’ve always considered that Evan is the biggest threat to Vincent because he holds, also, a key to Catherine’s heart. But he is the medical investigator and he’s very much into finding out what this cross-species DNA is doing all over New York City. So as soon as he ever concludes that Catherine is somehow connected to this vigilante that they’re after, Vincent’s kind of done for because there’s this emotional package that’s attached to it.

TVF: Where is Vincent and JT’s relationship headed since it has been challenged in recent episodes?
JR: I think JT feels like he has more control over protecting Vincent himself when he’s working with him because not only is he discovering things about his best mate in terms of what his body is doing and how this beast may be adapting or growing inside of him. But he’s also putting the scent off them tracking him down, because he can misplace information and evidence that will lead them somewhere else.

But in doing this research, which is kind of JT’s forte, he discovers that Vincent’s DNA is actually starting to mutate at a great pace and there’s really side-effects that Vincent has sort of been encountering but just sort of blowing it off as stress or tiredness…but as we progress we find that these mutations are actually just basically growing pains of these super soldiers, and Vincent actually ends up with, I guess, an extra superpower which he’ll use to his advantage.

January 24th, 2013

Next Male

by Cath Bennett

He’s always been hot; now he’s on fire. We chart the rise and rise of Kiwi actor Jay Ryan

Who is he? If you watched any television last year, chances are you caught a glimpse of this 31- year-old bloke among the Go Girls, he also appeared in hit Aussie drama Offspring, Steven Spielberg’s adventure series Terra Nova, and cropped up in those reruns of Sea Patrol.

Hasn’t he been around for a while?
Absolutely. He’s enjoyed acting success for more than a decade. Like many aspiring Kiwi actors, Ryan started out on the likes of Xena and The Tribe, but rather than progressing onto Shortland Street, in 2002 he headed across the ditch to play Jack Scully on Neighbours.

Did he always want to be an actor?
Ever since he was at kindy in Auckland. Starring in school performances and a regular in shows at The Playhouse Theatre, the Liston College graduate was playing Antony in Antony and Cleopatra by the age of 17.

So he is good on stage?
His on-man show The Packer, which toured internationally, received rave reviews and a nomination for best international performance at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, so we’d say he’s pretty good. He has also appeared on the silver scree, producing and acting in short films.

What’s he doing now?
He’s really making the big time. Currently based in Toronto, he has been a hit on US Screens inthe remake of popular 80s TV series Beauty and the Beast, starring as ‘beast’ Vincent Keller opposite Kristin Kreuk as Catherine Chandler. The show is coming to our screens on Prime in early 2013.

Has he found it difficult making it in the US?
He has had to have a dialect training to nail that American accent, and tries to avoid Kiwi slang while on set. Some years back he also changed his surname from Bunyan to Ryan, which is from his mother’s side of the family.

In five words or less?
More Beauty than Beast.

January 23rd, 2013

(Source: tvguide.com

Beauty and the Beast fans, you’re finally going to get your Catherine and Vincent kiss. But not so fast!

On the midseason finale of the CW series, a crash left Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) just about lifeless. As Vincent (Jay Ryan), in beast form, arrived on the scene, so did an already suspicious Evan (Max Brown), leaving the audience wondering if Vincent’s secret would officially be out. When the show returns (Thursday, 9/8c), Catherine will be recovering in the hospital where Vincent has another run-in, this time with a woman from his past. How will Vincent avoid being discovered and will Catherine continue to risk everything to ultimately be with him? Keep reading to find out.

When Vincent visits Catherine in the hospital, he’s spotted by his ex-fiancée, Alex (Bridget Regan). How will he explain that he’s actually alive?
Jay Ryan:
Vincent holds huge guilt toward the way he left Alex. We discover that before the military he spiraled into this dark state where he was addicted to medication, he was writing prescriptions on prescription pads and Alex nursed him out of that. When he couldn’t handle that and the anger of his brother’s death, he basically packed his bags without her even knowing. So when she sees him he has to decide if he’ll let this woman think she’s insane, like people think Catherine is for saying that a beast saved her 10 years ago. He eventually tries to tell the truth, but finds it extremely difficult to tell the one woman who he loved that he’s a grotesque creature on the inside.

So he lies to her?
He thinks he could possibly live a normal life without telling her. They end up going on a “romantic weekend” because Catherine pushes Vincent to tell Alex the truth, but for Alex, she thinks they’ll consummate the relationship again and go full throttle, but for Vincent it’s the moment he’ll release his secret.

With Alex in the picture, does that mean him and Catherine could be over?
I don’t think for once Vincent doesn’t think Catherine isn’t the love of his life, but for a selfish reason Vincent is toying with the idea that he can live a normal life with Alex. If he elopes with her, away from all this craziness, he also lets the people closest to him free without having to lie for him. But he also gives Catherine an ultimatum of, “Alex is saying, ‘Let’s live far away, ‘would you do that for me?”

How will Vincent keep Evan from finding out that Vincent is the beast he’s seen twice now?
Since Evan does get a glimpse of this creature holding Catherine in his arms, it really turns his suspicion into, “I know for sure there’s a connection between Catherine and this vigilante,” which ramps up his investigation.

And he starts to work J.T. (Austin Basis), right?
By pulling J.T. into it, J.T. can keep an eye on it from the inside and it also gives him the ability to use Evan’s equipment and take a fine tuning to what’s going on with his body. He discovers that Vincent is having these rapid growing pains, but they’re actually a good thing, nothing more animalistic, and they’re these abilities that were designed for these super-soldiers, but never came to fruition because they were all eradicated.

Finally, will we ever see Catherine and Vincent kiss? They’ve come so close!
Yes, you will see a kiss and a lot more than a kiss.

December 20th, 2012

While in Melbourne for his career, the Go Girls actor says his heart is here

On screen, Jay Ryan plays a guy determined to have children and settle down as he fast approaches his 30th birthday. And while the actor says he shares many similarities with his Go Girls character Kevin, parenthood isn’t the top of Jay’s things to do just yet.

In fact, the closest the Auckland-born, Australia-based star has come thus far is becoming the ‘fun and crazy’ uncle, as his sister Danu Pau, 33, prepares to give birth any day.

‘I’ve got my pre-made niece ready to pop out any second – so I can pretend I’m her dad sometimes,’ the 29-year-old says with a laugh. ‘But that doesn’t mean I’m going to change nappies.

I want the glory side – like walking down to the park with the pram, and the ladies saying, “Oh my God, is that your baby?” and I’ll say, “Well, yes.”’

The star of three seasons of Go Girls is currently living in Melbourne, filming TV One comedy Offspring, but heading home has taken on a new meaning with a niece on the way.

Doting uncle-to-be…

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December 16th, 2012

Here’s what Jay had to say about the mid-season finale before it aired.

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. — “Beauty and the Beast” star Jay Ryan will have a little time off from his The CW drama over the holidays, and after months of training and eating right to get in picture-perfect shape to play Vincent Keller, he’s ready to indulge in one of his favorite treats.

“We have this thing called Pavlova… Everyone is like, ‘What is that?’” he said of the North American reaction to his favorite dish to cheat with in his native New Zealand. “It’s like whipped egg whites and it kind of makes this like fluffy cake and they cover it in cream, and strawberries and it’s really light and sweet.”

But, before he dives into his Pavlova passion, there’s one last all-new episode of “Beauty and the Beast” this year — the midseason finale, airing tonight at 9/8c on The CW. And as fans saw on AccessHollywood.com last week, when we were first to unveil a new photo from the episode – it involves Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) in a bridesmaid dress and Vincent in a suit!


Kristin previously told Access the episode involves a little joking about how Catherine and Vincent should be each other’s date to the wedding, and Jay told Access there are some happy times ahead for the pair tonight.

“We get a little bit of happiness. I really love [tonight’s episode], because it’s got this almost kind of romantic quality, element to it in the beginning,” he said.

“But, yeah, it’s great because Vincent, at this point has been cured of the fugues. He understands what they are where they come from… So he feels that he’s got this under control so he takes this huge leap,” Jay hinted about what’s to come tonight.

But a cliffhanger is on the way.

“It’s definitely a big one. I don’t know how much to say about it. Maybe I’ll just say this to you. In [the episode], in the cliffhanger, you may hear the beast cry,” he revealed.

When Access first interviewed Jay back at Comic-Con over the summer, he told us his friends had given him some sage advice about the role, warning him, “Don’t stuff it up,” a New Zealand expression to get the role right. And recently, he told Access his friends are pleased with what they’ve seen so far.

“It hasn’t aired in New Zealand yet, but it’s about to in a couple weeks… They’ve seen bits and pieces on the internet and stuff, but I’ve got good big ups from crew in New Zealand and Australia,” he said.


December 6th, 2012

(Source: tvfanatic.com)

Jay Ryan is responsible for the pain, violence and occasional shirtless scene on Beauty and the Beast.

What has the experience on this CW drama been like so far for the actor? What can fans expect from Vincent and Cat on the second half of Beauty and the Beast Season 1? Read on for an exclusive TV Fanatic interview with Ryan and consider yourself spoiler warned…

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December 6th, 2012

From being simple Kevin on Go Girls to taking on Hollywood in a beastly role, Jay Ryan is counting his lucky stars. Michele Manelis writes.

It’s been quite a ride for Auckland-born actor Jay Ryan. The Go Girls star who made a name for himself in Neighboursand Sea Patrol, and more recently, the Aussie drama series Offspring, is becoming a regular fixture in Hollywood.

He most recently starred in the Steven Spielberg production, Terra Nova, and now has stepped up to the plate in the lead role opposite Smallville actress, Kristin Kreuk, in a modern take on the classic, Beauty and the Beast.

In Los Angeles, Ryan, 31, talks about his good fortune. “Beauty and the Beast is such an iconic show, even though ours is a complete reimagining of the original.”

The show that inspired this version aired from 1987 to 1990. “I used to watch it with my grandmother who looked after me after school,” he says.

Ryan plays Vincent Keller, an army veteran assumed dead from his time in the military service, who, in an experiment gone awry was injected with animal DNA. As a result he’s in hiding due to his “beast-like” manifestations. Coincidentally, detective Chandler (Kreuk) was saved by a “mysterious creature” the night her mother was murdered, and they form an unusual bond.

There has been some controversy over his so-called “beastly” appearance, in that this handsome actor remains that way, save for a few scars.

He acknowledges, “Yes, It’s been an issue with the media. How can I be a beast and not look like what people think a beast should be? I like that it’s caused some controversy for the show, but Beauty and the Beast is heavily skewed towards a female audience. He is this human-looking guy but he transforms into a very horrid and demonic beast. It’s a modern fairy tale and fairy tales are to be retold and changed around.”

Ryan endures four hours of makeup each day to make the transformation. “There’s eight pieces of prosthetics which cover my entire face and then contact lenses and teeth, as well as added hair,” he explains. It’s shot in Toronto, and he says, “Having glue stuck to your face in winter is not fun. It freezes as it hits the skin.”

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