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February 1st, 2013

(Source: hollywood.com)

If you were hoping that last week’s introduction to Vincent’s ex-fiancé Alex was the last we were going to see of her on The CW’s Beauty and the Beast, prepare to be disappointed — Alex (Bridget Regan) isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, she’s actually going to get a lot closer to Vincent (Jay Ryan)… much to Catherine’s chagrin.

On tonight’s BATB, “On Thin Ice,” Vincent’s identity is threatened just as he is torn between his new feelings for Cat (Kristin Kreuk) — who remains off duty while she recovers from being shot — and his old memories with Alex. Meanwhile, now that he’s working with Evan on cross-species DNA research, J.T. (Austin Basis) learns that Evan is planning to propose a task force to catch the beast, and must figure out a covert way to sabotage Evan’s findings and stop the manhunt for his best friend.

Hollywood.com spoke with Ryan about tonight’s episode. Check out all the spoilery intel we could get below:

Hollywood.com: So Alex still doesn’t know the reason why Vincent is in hiding. Is Vincent going to tell her the truth?
Ryan: He has to stand up as a man and finally take charge and explain to this woman what happened — where he went wrong, why he never contacted her for so long, why she thought he was dead… all these unanswered questions. Vincent’s very worried about how she’s going to react. Once he tells her the truth of what he has become, she then becomes a target for his greatest enemy, Muirfield. And Alex pulls him in and reminds him of the love that they had. Whatever the secret is that he’s holding, that doesn’t matter. They can rekindle what they had.

How is that going to affect Vincent’s relationships with Cat and J.T.?
At this time, the two closest people in his life, Catherine and J.T., have almost taken sides with him in a way. Evan’s brought J.T. on to research this cross-species DNA creature, and Evan’s definitely going in for Catherine’s affections. So these two people start to have to lie. That’s the one thing that [Vincent] hates, [because] of how he lived with his ex-fiancé. So there’s this whole thing with lying and Vincent having to start coming forward with the truth.

Before we discuss J.T. and Evan’s situation, let’s talk a little more about Vincent and Alex. Is he going to rekindle his relationship with her?
I think he does get swept up in the fantasy that he can live a life with this woman who only knows him as the Vincent before he was turned into this creature. At this point in time he feels he has this beast under control, through Catherine’s help. He believes that he can live a life and take off with Alex, possibly, and leave the people in his life again like he did with Alex! But he thinks that that’s a good thing, no longer having to lie about his identity. So he does get swept up in this false sense of romance. But Catherine is the voice of reason. It’s very difficult for her because she not only is his protector but now she’s his lover, and now he’s trying to take off with this woman who’s his ex-fiancé. That is out of the blue.

Poor Cat. Now let’s get to the unique situation in which Evan has put J.T. Why does J.T. agree to help Evan?
When [Evan] brings JT into the picture to help do research on this DNA, that’s his forte and he loves doing that stuff, but at the same time he’s helping to hunt down his friend. But it also gives him access to resources that he doesn’t have. So he starts to monitor Vincent’s body and his DNA and discovers that at this time it’s mutating very rapidly. And it’s creating all these side effects on Vincent that Vincent has put away as stress. We start to discover how this beast is going to become more volatile and unpredictable to Vincent himself.

How did Evan even know to go to J.T.?
Evan discovers this paper that J.T. wrote eight or nine years ago when he was studying cross species DNA. It’s been pushed aside because it was done by a student and no one believed it, but it’s very much in line with what Evan is trying to discover about this creature. So he tracks J.T. down and he puts it to him that he wants to work with him in finding this creature and J.T. doesn’t really have a choice. So he goes to work, and in doing so, he has a more protective quality for his best mate by rearranging evidence and DNA samples. So hopefully they stay off Vincent’s tail!

J.T. and Vincent’s bromance has always been a compelling aspect of the show. Are we going to see any flashbacks to when they were friends before Vincent’s experiments?
Between J.T. and Vincent? I would love to. There are moments that the script writers play on now, especially when Alex arrives on the scene, where they talk about the past, before the experiments. But yeah, I would like to see more of that, possibly in flashbacks, to start to arrive in the scripts.

Anything you can tease about how the manhunt for Vincent picks up the pace?
There’s a moment where Vincent is in a position where he has to save the life of Catherine’s sister. And in doing so, it forces the beast to accidentally kill someone that was in the way of saving Heather’s life. And that person is very close to one of our series regulars. So it ramps up the witch-hunt on Vincent.

Source: hollywood.com

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