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January 24th, 2013

Next Male

by Cath Bennett

He’s always been hot; now he’s on fire. We chart the rise and rise of Kiwi actor Jay Ryan

Who is he? If you watched any television last year, chances are you caught a glimpse of this 31- year-old bloke among the Go Girls, he also appeared in hit Aussie drama Offspring, Steven Spielberg’s adventure series Terra Nova, and cropped up in those reruns of Sea Patrol.

Hasn’t he been around for a while?
Absolutely. He’s enjoyed acting success for more than a decade. Like many aspiring Kiwi actors, Ryan started out on the likes of Xena and The Tribe, but rather than progressing onto Shortland Street, in 2002 he headed across the ditch to play Jack Scully on Neighbours.

Did he always want to be an actor?
Ever since he was at kindy in Auckland. Starring in school performances and a regular in shows at The Playhouse Theatre, the Liston College graduate was playing Antony in Antony and Cleopatra by the age of 17.

So he is good on stage?
His on-man show The Packer, which toured internationally, received rave reviews and a nomination for best international performance at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, so we’d say he’s pretty good. He has also appeared on the silver scree, producing and acting in short films.

What’s he doing now?
He’s really making the big time. Currently based in Toronto, he has been a hit on US Screens inthe remake of popular 80s TV series Beauty and the Beast, starring as ‘beast’ Vincent Keller opposite Kristin Kreuk as Catherine Chandler. The show is coming to our screens on Prime in early 2013.

Has he found it difficult making it in the US?
He has had to have a dialect training to nail that American accent, and tries to avoid Kiwi slang while on set. Some years back he also changed his surname from Bunyan to Ryan, which is from his mother’s side of the family.

In five words or less?
More Beauty than Beast.

January 23rd, 2013

(Source: tvguide.com

Beauty and the Beast fans, you’re finally going to get your Catherine and Vincent kiss. But not so fast!

On the midseason finale of the CW series, a crash left Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) just about lifeless. As Vincent (Jay Ryan), in beast form, arrived on the scene, so did an already suspicious Evan (Max Brown), leaving the audience wondering if Vincent’s secret would officially be out. When the show returns (Thursday, 9/8c), Catherine will be recovering in the hospital where Vincent has another run-in, this time with a woman from his past. How will Vincent avoid being discovered and will Catherine continue to risk everything to ultimately be with him? Keep reading to find out.

When Vincent visits Catherine in the hospital, he’s spotted by his ex-fiancée, Alex (Bridget Regan). How will he explain that he’s actually alive?
Jay Ryan:
Vincent holds huge guilt toward the way he left Alex. We discover that before the military he spiraled into this dark state where he was addicted to medication, he was writing prescriptions on prescription pads and Alex nursed him out of that. When he couldn’t handle that and the anger of his brother’s death, he basically packed his bags without her even knowing. So when she sees him he has to decide if he’ll let this woman think she’s insane, like people think Catherine is for saying that a beast saved her 10 years ago. He eventually tries to tell the truth, but finds it extremely difficult to tell the one woman who he loved that he’s a grotesque creature on the inside.

So he lies to her?
He thinks he could possibly live a normal life without telling her. They end up going on a “romantic weekend” because Catherine pushes Vincent to tell Alex the truth, but for Alex, she thinks they’ll consummate the relationship again and go full throttle, but for Vincent it’s the moment he’ll release his secret.

With Alex in the picture, does that mean him and Catherine could be over?
I don’t think for once Vincent doesn’t think Catherine isn’t the love of his life, but for a selfish reason Vincent is toying with the idea that he can live a normal life with Alex. If he elopes with her, away from all this craziness, he also lets the people closest to him free without having to lie for him. But he also gives Catherine an ultimatum of, “Alex is saying, ‘Let’s live far away, ‘would you do that for me?”

How will Vincent keep Evan from finding out that Vincent is the beast he’s seen twice now?
Since Evan does get a glimpse of this creature holding Catherine in his arms, it really turns his suspicion into, “I know for sure there’s a connection between Catherine and this vigilante,” which ramps up his investigation.

And he starts to work J.T. (Austin Basis), right?
By pulling J.T. into it, J.T. can keep an eye on it from the inside and it also gives him the ability to use Evan’s equipment and take a fine tuning to what’s going on with his body. He discovers that Vincent is having these rapid growing pains, but they’re actually a good thing, nothing more animalistic, and they’re these abilities that were designed for these super-soldiers, but never came to fruition because they were all eradicated.

Finally, will we ever see Catherine and Vincent kiss? They’ve come so close!
Yes, you will see a kiss and a lot more than a kiss.

January 21st, 2013

New images of Jay Ryan and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ co-star, Kristin Kreuk attending ‘L.A. Screenings’ event, looking quite marvelous, have surfaced!

jay ryan beauty beast jay ryan beauty beast jay ryan beauty beast

January 19th, 2013

January 18th, 2013

Howbraveisyoulove.com posted a magazine scan. Check it out!

TV Guide featured Beauty and the Beast in their Jan 21-27 Highlights. Titled Dangerous Beauty it talks about what’s ahead for our BATB family.

Some Key Points:

Alex won’t give up on Vincent. Vincent is torn because he never got the chance to say goodbye and close the relationship.
Muirfield agents are back with a force and are right on the verge of catching Vincent.
Evan and JT team up. Evan becomes a more integral part in the show. Where he stands on Vincent is still up in the air but one thing is certain he still has strong feelings for Catherine.

January 17th, 2013

Episode Number: #112
Episode Title: Cold Turkey
Original Airdate: Thursday, February 5th, 2013
Directed By: Fred Gerber
Written By: Allison Moore
DESPITE TRYING TO KEEP HER DISTANCE, CAT RISKS EVERYTHING TO KEEP VINCENT SAFE — Cat (Kristin Kreuk) suspects Muirfield might know Vincent’s (Jay Ryan) whereabouts and in spite of her vow to go cold turkey, she is forced to interrupt his romantic cabin getaway with Alex (guest star Bridget Regan) in order to save their lives. Meanwhile, Evan (Max Brown) finds a bug in his lab and becomes increasingly suspicious of J.T. (Austin Basis). Nina Lisandrello and Brian White also star.

January 17th, 2013

January 15th, 2013

TV Guide gives us this shocking spoiler.  Who could we be losing?

The CW’s Beauty & the Beast (Favorite New TV Drama) gets deadly serious next month when Vincent saves Catherine’s sister, Heather, by killing someone close to one of the characters. “Vincent knows he has made the biggest ­mistake of his life,” says star Jay Ryan. “This will change the entire course of the show.” Costar Kristin Kreuk advises fans to grab Kleenex.

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