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You guys submitted heaps of questions for Jay Ryan, star of Go Girls, and he kindly managed to get to all of them! My thanks to Jay for taking the time to do this, and to Tamar at South Pacific Pictures for teeing this up for us.

Here are Jay’s responses to your questions:


Kirsty asks “Do you have close friendships with women like your character or are you mostly a bloke’s bloke?”
From my very early teen years I was raised in a house full of women (possibly a little McMann style). So yes, I have some very close female friends. They are the best friends to have – they smell better, they are a lot easier on the eye and generally can give a more constructed emotional response than “Yeah, Nah”.

Esther asks “What made you want to audition for the role of Kev?? (and booooo at Kev for marrying Amanda!!)”
Kev was a role that jumped off the page at me instantly and I had an almost complete vision of who he was and how I could make him come alive, basically because I grew up around a lot of Kev type characters, so it was just too good an opportunity to pass up. (In regards to Kev and Amanda’s marriage … well I guess someone had to get married in the finale, right?)

Jeremy Crompton says “Disappointed Kevin didn’t choose Amy (not yet anyway) but I would like to ask Jay which particular Go Girl he thinks Kevin should end up with and why. Thanks.”
This I would say is the million-dollar question, “Who should he” or “Who will he” end up with?? I would say this is a large debate every season between our writers, and so far Kev has been around the bloody block (on the north side at least). In terms of large viewer opinion we get overwhelming reply to Kev and Olivia. Kev and Amy seems to be history, but there is still great potential for spark, Kev and Britta I guess is a huge mistake but makes for great drama when you add a possible pregnancy, and Kev and Cody is just wrong (due to their bro and sis type relationship) so I’m thinking Kev will have to aim higher again, and by this I mean in age possibly? Cougar anyone … oh but for now he’s legally married. Oops!

Bex says “I’d like to ask Jay what his favourite episode of season 3 was and why?”
I’m not sure, in fact I missed the whole season as I was overseas, but from memory of making series 3, episode 1 and episode 12/13 felt the most complex and full to me. A lot going on with the main characters story arcs intertwining, making for some great scenes.

Kc is curious: “Do you think Kev married Amanda cos he loves her, or just because he didn’t want to upset her again?”
This was a question that I asked myself all the time while filming the Kev and Amanda episodes. I would wake up in the middle of the night and be thinking “s**t, does Kev love her, or is he just trying to please her?” Kev does love Amanda, a lot, and in a surprisingly new and different way to any of the other girls. But I think at the end of the day he married her to please himself. I just don’t think he could face any more situations of failure, he needed to move forward and away from his go girls as it was all a tad too pressure cooker there toward the end. Amanda was the key in this shift in his relationship with them. Right or wrong, up to you guys, but I can’t judge him.

Mr Blonde has an in-depth query: “Question: I haven’t come across any other example of where the voiceover narration is somewhat (and in the case of last night’s episode almost completely) oblivious to what is ACTUALLY happening around him. Is this an original idea or was it based in something else? Just that most narration is done in the past tense, but this is quite a clever convention in terms of storytelling and works well in this show.”
Well this is a fantastic query and to be honest I turned to one of our writers Kate McDermott to help elaborate: The style of Kevin’s voiceover isn’t based on anything else, it was more like a reaction against the more traditional voiceover device, where the narrator is all-seeing, all-knowing (such as in Desperate Housewives). The idea that the writers had behind Kevin’s narration was that he would always be trying to understand the woman around him, and sometimes failing. They also loved the idea of the “unreliable narrator”, where the audience is one or several steps ahead of the character.

AK says “HEY JAY!!! You are AWESOME and my hubby watches the show thanks to you!” … which raises an interesting question: Is this a response you get all the time – that your portrayal of Kevin makes Go Girls more appealing to male viewers? And do you think that’s a fair reaction to the show?
Well I have never played a character that gets me such a reaction when walking past building sites, they all know who Kev is! And they all want to know who he’s trying to shag next week…

During series 2 there was a large spike in ratings numbers especially in the male demographics as Kevin’s voice and narration became a more solid part of the show. We did seem to have a growing male audience which was greatly welcomed from us all. There was a fear when we first started making the show that it would only appeal to the female viewer. I mean, I probably would not look twice at a show titled Go Girls as a male viewer, but in watching it, there is indeed something for all to relate to, and laugh at.

G says “I would like to ask Jay what it was about Go Girls that appealed enough to him to sign on, after living/working in Australia? (We’re used to losing our hottest actors overseas and they never return so why has he returned to work on a NZ show?) (Thank God he did though!)”
I wanted to sign on to Go Girls because it was created by a fantastic team of television makers. Rachel Lang and Gavin Strawhan make great TV and I wanted to be a part of their next venture. South Pacific Pictures also make quality projects and I have had a long history with this company so I felt it was all meant to be. I was also a little homesick and needed to be on Kiwi home turf for a little bit. But I will always be involved with productions in New Zealand for the rest of my career. I love making our stories for film and TV.

Colene says “Tuesday nights go back to being boring again! Another great season…instant noodle toasted sandwich…still makes me laugh!! :)” Did you actually eat the instant noodle toasted sandwich? Was it warm or cold? Did it taste good? Was it your idea?
I actually ate the instant noodle toasted sandwich – over and over again. Nine times to be exact. It was written in the script, I thought it was genius and I wanted to actually do it on screen. So with a little help from our brilliant art department, several instant noodle toasted sandwiches were created for each take. They were cold and they did not taste good at all. But they got a laugh and it was something new for Kev to eat, because Kev loves to eat and so in almost every scene I have him munching on something.

Capri-corn asks “Are you a car guy and if so do you like the Skyline and what do you drive in real life?”
I don’t own a car, basically as I am pretty much a nomad jumping from city to city I have no need for one in my everyday life. Or I just rent one (you know those cheap looking, bubble like noddy rental cars, shameful). I am waiting for the day when I settle down and have enough dosh to purchase my own. The Skyline Kev drives on the show is a piece of s**t, shiny on the outside but very rough on the in (including the motor). She breaks down a lot and is actually an automatic, but I try and make it look like I have gears when filming in her for the show.

Carly asks “Where did you draw your inspiration for Kevin’s alter ego?? Was there supposed to be an accent? John Wayne? Johnny Cash (the man in black)? Please explain.”
Kevin’s alter ego was kind of experimental. Everyone had a different idea or opinion on how it should be played. In the end we did not have enough time on set to do it justice (or to what myself and the director Josh Frizzell would have liked). But yeah, I knew with the time restraints on filming I needed the alter ego to be visually strong and completely different to everyday Kev, I wanted him to be slightly menacing, strong, brooding type. Johnny Cash and John Wayne were both inspirations and this was helped by our brilliant costume designer. The accent just kind of came out when I put on “the man in black” outfit … weird. Not sure if I was completely happy with how that all turned out.

Rosie asks “Has there been a storyline decision/direction made by the scriptwriters thus far which you’ve initially been hesitant about, but later thought ‘yeah nah, that was choice’?”
Yep, a few. The biggest I guess was Kev getting married. I remember when I was told by the writers of this story arc at a dinner before we started filming series 3. I actually nearly cried! Ha-ha, I was so against the whole thing, especially to a non-Go Girl character. But in the end it was great, I got to work with Zoe Cramond, who played Amanda, and she is a bloody great actor, so there is always a silver lining and it will make great story opportunities for series 4.

Helena asks “What is it like being the main guy on the cast as there are several woman??”

Lars has a quick ramble: “Jay – Your face looked familiar and it was doing my brain in. Then it hit me, you used to be on that Scallywag Pirates show. Watching the kids’ shows with my kids was pure torture. I used to liken you to that Nathan guy from Hi 5, do you think you will ever escape that show? Is it on your resume?”
Watching a kids’ show with your kids was pure torture?? Doing a kids’ show for your kids was pure torture! … especially with a hangover. Fond memories.

Toni asks “One of the best male Kiwi actors we have, Jay, what made you get into acting in the first place?”
Boredom of childhood. I truly think that’s what got me acting, making s**t up in my head, working the imagination, make believe and all that crap. Yeah I guess it all started there.

ng says “I would like to know if Jay wishes Kevin had more guy mates – I mean he is a mechanic after all!”
Nah, having to work with that many beautiful actresses (Kevin’s mates) is completely fine with me. But yeah, I understand where you’re coming from. My old man is a mechanic and he ask me the same question.

Tamz says “Question for Jay: Whats your fav part of NZ? Will you return to Aus again or have you decided to make NZ your base? Hope you will be supporting the ABs in the world cup as much as your character Kev would be .. :-)”
My favourite part of New Zealand I think is the Coromandel, but New Zealand has too many amazing unique places to have just one favourite. I am still based in Australia and return to NZ for work and Christmas. Oh yeah and the World Cup. I will definitely be there supporting our ABs hard!

Jane Hodgetts says “Congrats on the success of the show! Who are you closest to off-set?”
I’m pretty close with all the girls, but I guess Bronny Turei and I are real tight.

Angela asks “Where would you like Kevin’s journey next season to go?”
Well I know the writing team have a clever story device to use in the opening of series 4 (obviously top secret at this stage) (*) but journey wise I would like to see Kev become a polygamist so he can legally marry all of the Go Girls … what do you think?

(*) The top secret story device Jay mentions was revealed yesterday, by show creator Rachel Lang, to be a drastic jump forward in time: the plot of Series 4 will start a full year after the end of Series 3.

Emma(: asks “Are your characters in Go Girls similar to you in real life? What things are the same about you and the character you play?”
There are always things that I take from myself and the people around me to put into the ingredients of a character. Kev is a mishmash of me, my dad and Billy T James.

Chanelle says “Jay your character is what makes Go Gurls wat it is…. LOVE IT! :)”
Amanda says “I love you Jay. No question, just a comment.”
ElHo says “I LOVE YOU KEV”
… is it weird being something of a sex symbol on TV?

Are we talking about Kevin here? Sex symbol? More like sex simple.


Thanks once again to Jay Ryan for taking the time to answer all these queries.

Source: Stuff NZ

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